CSS History OF Pakistan & India 2008

Part I (MCQs)

Q.1 Select the best option /answer and fill in the appropriate box on the answer sheet.

(1). In which language Shah Wali Ullah translated the Holy Quran:

a). English

b). Persian

c). Turkish

d). none of these

(2). Indian National Congress was established in :

a). 1883

b). 1885

c). 1887

d). none of these

(3). Who was the Viceroy at the time of partition of Bengal :

a). Lord Caning

b). Lord Curzon

c). Lord Minto

d). none of these

(4). The Simla deputation was headed by :

a). Agha Khan

b). M.A. Johar

c). Syed Amir Ali

d). none of these

(5). Separate electorate was provided in :

a). 1909

b). 1919

c). 1935

d). none of these

(6). Who was the author of ‘My India Years’:

a). Lord Curzon

b). Lord Hardinge

c). Lord Mountbatten

d). none of these

(7). Sanghata Movement was started by:

a). Dr. Hergopal

b). Dr Moonje

c). Dr Swami

d). none of these

(8). Mopla revolt was started in:

a). 1920

b). 1921

c). 1922

d). none of these

(9). Who started the Home Rule Movement :

a). M. A. Jinnah

b). B.G. Tilak

c). Mrs. Annie Besant

d). none of these

(10). The subjects were divided into central and provincial by the Act of:

a). 1909

b). 1919

c). 1935

d). none of these

(11). The first Chief Justice of Pakistan was:

a). Abdur Rashid

b). Sajjad Ali Shah

c). Zafar ul Haq

d). none of these

(12). Treaty of Lausane was signed in :

a). 1921

b). 1922

c). 1923

d). none of these

(13). Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined the All India Muslim League in :

a). 1911

b). 1912

c). 1913

d). none of these

(14). Mauala Mohammad Ali Johar was the editor of :

a). Hindustan Times

b). Azadi

c). Comrade

d). none of these

(15). Who started the Shuddin Movement:

a). Nehru

b). Tilak

c). Gandhi

d). none of these

(16). Bande-Matram was a :

a). Anthem

b). Film

c). Novel

d). none of these

(17). Now or Never pamphlet was written by :

a). Agha Khan

b). Ch. Rehmat Ali

c). Mohammad Ali Jinnah

d). none of these

(18). The book ‘verdict on India’ was written by :

a). Beverlay Nickolas

b). Charles Nicholas

c). Peter Nicholas

d). none of these

(19). The first Round Table was held in :

a). London

b). Delhi

c). Lahore

d). none of these

(20). Famous Wardha scheme was about :

a). Culture

b). Education

c). Religion

d). none of these


Q2) "Aligarh Movement created reawakening among Muslims to provide a political platform through Education network" Analyze the statement

Q3) Why the Indian National Congress could not provide sufficient guarantee for the Muslims to safeguard their rights? Discuss

Q4) Do you agree that Minto -Morley Reforms (1909) proved a watershed to recognize the rights of minorities in India? How did it help Muslim League to demand separate home land for Muslims?

Q#5) The fourteen points of Quaid-e-Azam was befitting response to Nehru Report. Give your analysis

Q#6) Can you support with historical facts that British quit India because it was not possible for them to stay beyond 1947? Critically comment.

Q#7) The Lucknow pact provided a commitment to Hindu-Muslim unity but it soon failed. Discuss

Q#8) Write short notes on any TWO of the following

a) Simon Commission

b) Constitutional Act of 1935

c) Allma Iqbal as a Visionary

d)Cabinet Mission Plan