CSS Geography 2016

Part II

Q2) What is a glacier? Discuss the action of glacier as an agent of erosion and deposition and the resulting landforms.

Q3) Explain the concept of fluvial cycle, and the sequential development of landforms.

Q4) Enlist the various forms of precipitation and describe the circumstances which cause them,

Q5) What are the factors and forces that determine the movement, direction and nature of ocean currents? Describe in detail the currents of Atlantic Ocean bringing out their effects on surrounding lands.

Q6) Which prominent areas experience Mediterranean type of climate? Give the characteristics of this type along with associated economic activities?

Q7) What are weather Maps? Detail the features presented on these maps and bring out the important of such maps.

Q8) Write short notes on any 2 of following

a) The Jet stream


b) Global radiation and heat balance


c) Topographical Maps