CSS Geography 2015


Q.2. Describe the appearance and mode of life of the following African peoples and name the regions where they live today.

 (a) Bushmen

 (b) Berbers

(c) Pigmies


Q.3. A population map of Asia shows that most people live on or near the river basins and coasts. Give reasons for this distribution. (20)

Q.4. Certain Australian farms are specialized in dairy farming and others in beef production. Give a reasoned account of the distribution of these industries and illustrate by a sketch map. (20)

Q.5. Name the chief agricultural products of South Asia and indicate the chief producing areas on a sketch map. (20)

Q.6. Account for the recent floods in the Indus Basin and its impact on agricultural lands and their productivity. (20)

Q.7. In what ways does the import and export trade of Pakistan differ from that of her western neighbors? (20)

Q.8. Write short notes on any two of the following: (10+10=20)

(i) Manufacturing industries of China

(ii) Fisheries in Japan

(iii) Rural to Urban migration in Pakistan

(iv) Recent trends in International relations within the SAARC.