CSS European History 2018



No. 2. Rational ideas and 'fear' determined the course of French Revolution in the eighteenth century. Discuss. (20)

No. 3. What were the effects of Napoleon Bonaparte-I's home policy on French society? (20)

No. 4. How would you argue that lessons cannot be drawn from the European Revolutions in 1830s and 40s as historical process is specific to a particular context? (20)

No. 5. What kinds of symbols were used by the movements for uniting Germany and Italy in the nineteenth century? (20)


No. 6. How did the Great Depression in the 1930s effect societies and cultures in Europe? (20)

No. 7. Capitalistic trends promoted the ideologies of secularism and liberalism in twentieth-century Western Europe. Discuss. (20)

No. 8. How did violence and Communist ideas shape the events culminating in the outbreak of the Russian Revolution of 1917? (20)