CSS English Literature 2018


No. 2. Bertrand Russell bridges the esoteric philosophical concerns and the issue of mundane endeavour for contentment in his The Conquest of Happiness. Discuss. (20)

No. 3. William Wordsworth's 'Lines Composed Few Miles above Tintern Abbey' is an attempt, in vein, to retrieve the irretrievable luscious experience that has foundered into the realm of the past. Explain (20)

No. 4. How does T.S Eliot envision the chaotic collapse of ever-cherished convictions of system and sublimity in the modern context in The Wasteland? (20)

No. 5. Theatre of Absurd marks the break from obsession with heroic adventure and focuses the insignificance of the human accomplishments. Substantiate the statement with reference to Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. (20)

No. 6. Amidst the swarming stories of deception and betrayal, O' Henry's The Gift of the Magi appears as a soothing assurance for lovers. Elaborate. (20)

No. 7. How does Lawrence fictionalize the libidinal psychic patterns in his Sons and Lovers? What is your opinion about its critical reception in various social settings? (20)

No. 8. The modernist aspiration for scientification of academic discourses resulted in development of the structuralist attitude in the literary studies. Explain. (20)