CSS English Literature 2017



Q.2. Throughout the play, Hamlet claims to be feigning madness, but his portrayal of madness is so intense and so convincing that many readers are led to believe that Hamlet actually slips into insanity at certain moments in the play. Do you think this is true, or is Hamlet merely play-acting insanity? Substantiate your view point through evidence from the play. (20)

Q.3. Could ‘Pygmalion’ be set in the modern day at a time when there are, generally, more opportunities for women? (20)

Q.4. Complex, satiric, full of symbolism and illusions to famous works of literature, The Waste Land is a landmark of the 20th Century. Discuss in detail. (20)

Q.5. Swift’s irony reaches its crescendo in the fourth voyage of Gulliver. Elaborate. (20)


Q.6. ‘A man can be destroyed but not defeated’ is well depicted by Hemingway in “Old Man and the Sea”. Discuss in detail. (20)

Q.7. Is “The Second Coming” definitely a ‘visionary poem’? If yes describe what Yeats vision is? (20)

Q.8. Jane Austen’s writing is a vivid account of her understanding of the human behavior. Illustrate the truth from her novel “Pride and Prejudice”. (20)