CSS English Literature 2015



Q.2.In Thomas Kyd’s play ‘The Spanish Tragedy’ the central character Hieronimo the (20)

Q.3.Marshal of Spain pretends madness in order to implement his plan of revenge. Shakespeare makes Hamlet do the same. Is Hamlet as convincing as Hieronimo? How does Shaw’s choice of the title ‘Pygmalion’ justify his telling of the story of Higgins and Eliza Doolittle? (20)

Q.4. Why do you think Swift makes Gulliver visit the land of pygmies and then the land of giants? Explain your ideas. (20)


Q.5. In the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Jane Austen makes both her central characters Elizabeth and Darcy travel. How do the journeys of these characters contribute to the novel? Explain. (20)

Q.6. Despite various influences on his poetry Yeats all the time ‘Kept one foot in Ireland’. Justify this claim with reference to Yeats major poems. (20)

Q.7. Does T.S Eliot’s poetry reflect the true spirit of the literacy movement of ‘modernism’? Explain your arguments. (20)

Q.8. Paul Morels’ tragedy owes less to his mother’s intrusion in his amorous relationships and more in his own failure to reciprocate to the love of Miriam and Clara. Elaborate this statement. (20)