CSS English Literature 2012



Q.2. ‘Above all Charles Lamb was a refined humanist whose smile could be both satiric and tender’. Elaborate the truth of this statement. (20)

Q.3. Does Keats escape from the realities of life? Justify your answer to this question through citations from his works. (20)

Q.4. What is the relation between Shelley’s ‘Love’s Philosophy’ and the ‘Idea of Romanticism’? (20)

Q.5. George Eliot’s works depict her firm grasp of social relations. Discuss in detail. (20)


Q.6. Discuss Charles Dickens as a critic of his age. (20)

Q.7. Hardy’s works portray fate or destiny as malignant and cruel agent of nature lurking at the prospect of human well-being. Discuss critically. (20)

Q.8. Robert Browning belongs to the Victorian Age. Justify the statement. (20)