CSS Economics 2017

Q.No. 2. How does the Indifference Approach to analyzing consumer demand avoid having to measure utility? Explain. (20)

Q.No. 3. Explain the Lewis Model of Modern-Sector Growth in a Two-Sector Surplus-Labour Economy with graphical analysis. (20)

Q.No. 4. What do you know about ‘Demand-Side’ Inflation and ‘Supply-Side’ Inflation? Explain with the help of graphs and briefly explicate the policies to tackle both sides Inflation. (20)

Q.No. 5. How does the IS-LM model allow equilibrium to be shown in both Goods and Money Markets simultaneously? Elucidate with graphs. (20)

Q.No. 6. What is the concept of Public debt? Explain the dimensions for tackling the debt problems of developing countries like Pakistan. (20)

Q.No. 7. Examine the causes of Balance of Payments problem under Fixed Exchange Rate in short-run keeping in view the New Classical and Keynesian Analyses. (20)

Q.No. 8. Explicate the following briefly: (5 each)

(a) Difference between Development and Human Development

(b) Difference between Income Inequality and Poverty

(c) Sources of Government Revenue

(d) Functions of Central Bank