CSS Economics 2016

Q.2. Faster development leads to environmental degradation. Explain how development can be sustained without degrading the environment? (20)

Q.3. Critically evaluate major monetary and fiscal measures taken in Pakistan to promote agriculture development. (20)

Q.4. Critically evaluate import substitution and export led policies adopted in Pakistan for industrial development. (20)

Q.5. Explain factors responsible for deterioration of terms of trade for Pakistan. How Pakistan can improve its terms of trade? (20)

Q.6. Present a detailed account of Pakistan’s experience of privatization process. (20)

Q.7. Has interest-free banking been successful in Pakistan? Highlight the weaknesses and strengths of interest-free banking in Pakistan. (20)

Q.8. Energy crisis in Pakistan has slowed down the growth process in Pakistan. In your opinion, how the energy shortage can be overcome? (20)