CSS Economics 2007

Q.2 Critically examine the post 9/ 11 growth experience of Pakistan and its position in the south Asia region, identify the main issue and recommend a strategy to maintain the posture of Pakistan.

Q.3 “Agriculture is the mainstay of Pakistan Economy” justify the statement and identify the focal areas of strength. Suggest measures to boost and stabilize the performance of the sector and its sub sectors.

Q.4 What are the indicators of poverty? Review the poverty trends experiences in Pakistan. Evaluate the effectiveness of the steps being taken by the Government and suggest ways and means to further improve the micro indicators of prosperity for reducing the poverty.

Q.5 Review the decision of WTO regarding liberalization of trade and globalization. Examine the implications and way forward for UDCs like Pakistan.

Q.6 Analyze the factors that lead to the current account surplus after 9/ 11 and the growing deficit in the current account of the balance of payments later during the fiscal year 2004 – 05. what policy steps be undertaken to stabilize the growth of current account surplus?

Q.7 the weight of industrial (non-agriculture commodity producing sector) in the GDP structure is 26%. Evaluate its performance and contribution on the overall growth of the economy, exports, price stability, employment and investment climate. Reflect upon the future path of action to further harness its potential.

Q.8. Highlight the significant contemporary issues, which have emerged or could not be addressed by the explicit or implicit strategies of development planning in Pakistan. Suggest alternative options to tackle the issues both in the short and long run.