CSS Constitutional Law 2015


Q.2. The Cabinet is “the key stone of the political arch” in British political system. Comment. (20)

Q.3. Examine in detail various sources of British Constitution with special reference to the importance of Conventions. (20)

Q.4. Do you agree with the view that in U.K. there are no constitutional restrictions on the powers of the Parliament but the powers of the Congress in the USA are checked both by the executive as well as judiciary? (20)

Q.5. In spite of the fact that the Russian Constitution provides a long list of rights, the Western observers allege that in fact there is a little respect of human rights in USSR. Comment. (20)

Q.6. The American Senate is the most powerful Second Chamber in the world. Elucidate. (20)

Q.7. How would you describe the Fifth Republic of France: ‘as modified presidential form or ‘as modified parliamentary form’? Give reasons.(20)

Q.8. Compare and contrast the federal aspects of the Constitution of 1962 and 1973. (20)