CSS Constitutional Law 2012


Q.2. Highlight the purpose of constitution and the principle of constitutionalism. Elaborate various characteristics which could be used to identify the nature of a constitution. (20)

Q.3. What do you understand by the doctrine of “Parliamentary Sovereignty” or the traditional view of legislative supremacy? What is the role and status of rival law makers in a hierarchy of laws? (20)

Q.4. How would you compare the powers of American President with those of British Prime Minister? Give an analytical account. (20)

Q.5. The insertion of word “Secular” in the Preamble of Constitution of India has been productive of more mischief than benefit. Comment on the opinion of an academician. (20)

Q.6. Discuss in detail the relations between parliament and the government in France. (20)

Q.7. In what matters the Supreme Court of Pakistan exercises original jurisdiction? Illustrate by quoting the facts, decision and reasons therefor of a decided case. (20)

Q.8. Which public office holders in Pakistan enjoy constitutional protection from proceedings against them? Explain the nature and extent of such protection. (20)