CSS Computer Science 2015


(a) Why Registers are used in CPU operations? Define the purposes of MAR, IR and Program Counter.

(b) Give scheme for Deadlock Prevention.

(c) Elaborate the concept of IPV6. Explain its advantages over IPV4. (06)


(a) Explain the functionality of seven layers of OSI reference model and map with TCP/IP protocol suite.

(b) Discuss Instruction Execution Cycle.

(c) Briefly explain Paging and Segmentation with diagrams.


(a) Explain the functionality of Hash Table. By supposing that table size is 100, give steps to insert data 112, 2023, 3001 into Hash Table and then to search 2023 from Hash Table.

(b) What is the difference between Function Overloading and Function Overriding? Explain your answer by giving example syntax for each one.

(c) Write short notes on the following:

USECASE Diagram II. Activity Diagram


(a) Write down difference between:

Data Hiding and Encapsulation II. Constructor and Copy Constructor

(b) Build and draw a Binary Search Tree for the following input data 25, 11, 75, 69, 115, 50, 72, 17, 200, 60, 35.

(c) Explain Incremental Model of Software Engineering by giving its advantages over other models.


(a) Write down notes on the following:

CRT Display Devices II. LCD Display Devices

(b) What is CSS? How many ways are there to link CSS and XHTML? (06)

(c) Write note on the followings:



(a) Differentiate between the following by giving their respective definitions and concepts

Equvi Join II. Outer Join III. Natural Join

(b) What are different web Architectures? Explain their Advantages and Disadvantages.

(c) Write down Incremental Algorithm for Line drawing from

p0(x0,y0)p1(x1,y1) where x1>x0 and |dx|>|dy|