CSS Computer Science 2014


(a) The processor must have a process to handle exceptions. Explain four things that the processor must be able to identify and/or take care of.

(b) Discuss the essential servers/services that are used to complete an Intranet.

(c) Discuss why BIOS are not changed frequently.


(a) Distinguish between the architecture of x86 to a 68000 processor.

(b) Differentiate differences of Unix operating system over Microsoft window OS.

(c) Write a note on network topology. Which topology will you prefer for an

enterprise and why?


(a) What advantages are provided in OOP over other conventional programming techniques?

(b) Draw a data structure of a course registration system for a university level institute.

(c) Discuss some cost estimation techniques used in software engineering.


(a) Write a do-while loop to compute the sum of the first 30 positive odd integers.

(b) Write a note on sorting algorithm. Write -code for insertion sort.

(c) What are the key issues on which software engineering do work with?


(a) Discuss the concepts of data independency in DBMS.

(b) Web-applications are getting popular now a days. Write a note on languages use for web-application developments.

(c) What is the difference between Raster and Vector Graphics? Write down at least four differences.


(a) Write a note on Data Models.

(b) Discuss essential issues in network programming.

(c) Define ‘Transformation’ and discuss briefly its types.