CSS Business Administration 2020


No. 2. Discuss that Management is evolutionary process. Substantiate your answer through commenting on contribution made by Fredrick Taylor, Max Weber and Elton Mayo.

No. 3. What are the key elements involved in designing organizational structure?

No. 4. What is the importance of Employees Performance Appraisal? Discuss the problems faced in Employee Appraisal.

No. 5. Describe how would you plan Integrated Communication Process for launching product.

No. 6. What is Bullwhip effect and how does it relate to lack of coordination in the supply chain.

No. 7. Explain the following analytical tools of Financial Management: (05 each)

  • Time series analysis versus cross sectional
  • Horizontal analysis versus vertical
  • Liquidity ratios versus debt
  • Turnover ratios versus profitabilit.

No. 8. Tiger Corporation is considering to invest in a given project. After tax cash flows of the project are given below:


Years Project ($)
Initial Cash




1 50,000
2 56,000
3 64,000
4 68,000
5 72,000

Determine Payback Period, Net Present Value and Profitability Index using 13% as required rate of return.