CSS Business Administration 2017


2. What does a company need to do to achieve strategic fit between the supply chain and competitive strategies? (20)

3. Describe how marketing strategies change during product life cycle. Also identify and discuss some potential problems with the product life cycle. (20)

4. There are several basic techniques managers use for appraising the performance of employees. Discuss these techniques. (20)

5. A manager who really wants to approach a decision rationally and logically should try to follow the steps in rational decision making. Discuss these steps with examples. (20)

6. (a) A successful strategy requires determining the firm’s Critical Success Factors (CSF) and core competencies. Discuss how a manager of pharmaceutical firm can align core competencies with CSF.

(b) How an operation manager can manage demand of a product in the light of available capacity? (20)

7. The following data relates to ABC Company:

Income statement

Sales                             Rs. 500,000

Cost of goods sold              300,000

Operating expenses                   60,000

Interest expenses                    10,000

Income tax expenses               40,000

Net income                            90,000

Balance sheet


Cash                                     Rs 10,000

Accounts receivable                  15,000

Inventory                                 20,000

Equipment                             455,000

Total:                                      500,000


Accounts payable                               Rs 12,000

Long-term notes payable                         48,000


Shareholder’s equity:

Capital stock                                       300,000

Retained earnings                                  140,000

Total:                                                     500,000

Find and interpret the company’s

  • Current ratio
  • Quick ratio
  • Average collection period
  • Time interest earned  Inventory turnover (20)

Q. 8. Discuss the three common capital budgeting decision techniques with examples and formulas. (20)