CSS Business Administration 2016


2. Enumerate the important steps you will follow for completing the Strategic Management Process for a Garment Manufacturing Company. (20)

3. What are the various types of Pricing? Propose the Pricing Strategy for a new, high quality brand of shoes. (20)

4. Discuss the features of the various types of Financial Markets. (20)

5. The following data relates to Bright Star Company (millions of Rs.)

Cash & equivalents                       Rs 100.00

Fixed Assets                                283.50

Sales                                            1000.00

Net Income                                       50.00

Current Liabilities                           105.50

Current Ratio                                           3.00

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)                       40.55Days

Return on Equity                                      12.00%

The Company has no Preferred Stocks- only Common Equity, Current Liabilities, Long Term Debt.

(a) Find the Company’s

(i) Accounts Receivable

(ii) Current Assets

 (iii) Total Assets

(iv) Return on Total Assets

(v) Common Equity

 (vi) Quick Ratio

(vii) Long term Debt

(b) In part a) you should have found that the Company’s Accounts Receivable (A/R) = Rs. 111.1 million. If Bright Star Company reduces its DSO from 40.55 days to 30.4 days, while holding other things constant, how much cash would it generate? (20)

6. Propose a ‘Recruitment Yield Pyramid’ for a Five Star Hotel. (20)

7. Discuss the significance of major ‘Supply Chain Drivers’ in accomplishing business goals. (20)