CSS Agriculture & Forestry 2019



Q.No. 2 What is the role of natural resources (soil, water and solar energy) in crop production? Discuss innovative and technologically advanced approaches that could be used to improve efficiency of these resource?(20)

  1. No. 3. Why is it considered necessary to keep pest population down for a good crop production'? Discuss integrated management and control practices for agricultural pests and diseases taking account of effectiveness, economic and environmental acceptability of these practices. (20)
  2. No. 4. What are the main issues of livestock, fisheries and cottage lnduslries in Pakistan? Discuss options for improvement of these industries in the country taking account of market risks and government policy. (20)
  3. No. 5. - Agricultural biotechnology is conirilcred a short gun approach to improve the productivity of traditional agriculture systems. What is the scope of this technology in Pakistan. Discuss in the light of possible benefits and risks related to embracing different types of biotechnology. (20)


  1. No. 6. What combination of forestry, agroforestry, grass cover, water collecting systems and storage facilities, drought resident crops and water saving technologies are needed in dryland areas of Pakistan in order to increase food production and to what extent they can be cost effective ? (20)
  2. No. 7. In view of the present status of forests in Pakistan. What are endowments and development potential and economical methods of wood utilization in general. (20)
  3. No. 8. Why is rangeland so important for agricultural economy of Pakistan. Explain the need, ways and means for integrated management of grazing lands, crops and livestock production in Pakistan. (20)