CSS Agriculture & Forestry 2018



Q.2. Global warming is one of the major threats to food security. What priority measures, in short and long terms, do you suggest to mitigate the negative impacts and to use the benefits of climate change on different agricultural sectors? Give examples where necessary. (20)

Q.3. Pakistan is suffering from serious edible oil deficit. Suggest a strategy integrating agricultural sciences and the Government to improve the present situation. (20)

Q.4. Discuss bio-fortification. How is it helpful to provide basic human nutrition needs and to combat with malnutrition? Explain with examples. (20)

Q.5. Biotechnology offers several opportunities for crop genetic improvement to meet the present and future challenges. Discuss with suitable examples. (20)


Q.6. Green fodder is an excellent and the cheapest source of nutrition to livestock in Pakistan, but it is not available in enough quantities. Many rangelands are present in Pakistan, how these could be used to improve the availability of the green fodder. (20)

Q.7. Forest area in Pakistan is not according to the international standards. What public and government can do to improve forests area in Pakistan? Discuss in detail. (20)

Q.8. Discuss the current situation and suggest prioritize strategies to improve forest-based wildlife in Pakistan (20)