CSS Agriculture & Forestry 2016



Q.2. What is the role of live-stock in national economy? How the government policies have over the years promoted this sector? What are the future prospects, Issues and Challenges? (20)

Q.3. What is the cause of low productivity of cereal crops in Pakistan? How grain production could be made sustainable despite falling international prices? (20)

Q.4. How understanding of genetics has helped in improving the productivity of crops and livestock? What are the prospects of genetic engineering in crop sector improvement? Discuss all pros and con? (20)

Q.5. What do you understand by soil fertility? How soil fertility of arable lands can be maintained in good shape? How trees could be helpful in reclaiming water-logged and saline soils? (20)


Q.6. What is the significance of rangelands? How these rangelands resources in the country could effectively be utilized? What could possibly be done to improve these rangelands? (20)

Q.7. What are the different grazing systems in vogue for small ruminants? How livestock wealth of the country has benefited from existing range and forest resources? (20)

Q.8. Write short notes on any Four of the following: (20=5*4)

  1. Soil erosion

  2. Judicious application of chemical fertilizers

  3. Rain water harvesting

  4. Grain storage and preservation

  5. Agro forestry Vs Farm Forestry

  6. Environmentally controlled poultry houses