CSS Agriculture & Forestry 2014


Q.2. Discuss environmental pollution. What are the major causes of environmental pollution in Pakistan? (20)

Q.3. How does soil productivity differ from soil fertility? What are the factors responsible for degradation of soil productivity? Suggest practical measures to improve it. (20)

Q.4. What is the ultimate source of nitrogen in soil? Explain in detail how it is fixed and made available to the plants. (20)

Q.5. What are genetically modified organism (GM) and GM foods? Why are GM foods produced? Mention the sound scientific basis for considering it safe for human health. (20)

Q.6. What are the major factors responsible of low yield of vegetables in Pakistan? What measures are necessary to increase their production? (20)

Q.7. Describe in detail the benefits and drawbacks of fertilizer and pesticide use in Pakistan. (20)

Q.8. Write Short notes on any FOUR of the following. (5 each)

(a) Greenhouse effect

(b) Wind erosion

(c) Organic framing

(d) Hidden hunger in crop plants

(e) Genetic factors of crop growth

(f) Selective and non-selective herbicides