CSS Agriculture & Forestry 2012


Q.2. Define Insect Pest Management. How can you suggest IPM Strategy to control insect pests of cotton crop? (20)

Q.3. What is Agricultural Mechanization? How can you reduce use of irrigation water through advanced irrigation techniques? (20)

Q.4. Describe major management and breeding problems in: (10+10)

(a) Fruits

(b) Vegetables

Q.5. What is modern concept of genetics, gene and gene function? How Knowledge of genetics can be used for improving per hectare yield of crops? (20)

Q.6. Define Soil Erosion. Suggest ways and means to be adopted for Soil Conservation in the Rain fed areas of the Punjab. (20)

Q.7. Describe Forestry and Range Management. Illustrate measures to overcome growing problems of deforestation in Pakistan. (20)

Q.8. Define and differentiate between any four of the following.

(a) Pathogen and Disease

(b) Parasite and Predator

(c) Organic farming and tunnel Cultivation

(d) Soil Texture and Soil Structure

(e) Land Reform and Land Tenure

(f) Certified Seed and Basic Seed