CSS British History 2020



  1. No. 2. What are merits and demerits of Whig oligarchy? Critically examine the causes of the downfall of Whig ascendancy. (20)
  2. No. 3. Estimate the influence of French Revolution on English Society and Political thought. (20)
  3. No. 4. Give a history of parliamentary Reforms between 1832 A.D to 1928 A.D. Also critically examine how England became a politically democratic country? (20)
  4. No. 5. "Peel was the most liberal of conservatives and most conservative of liberals". Examine the statement critically. (20)


  1. No. 6. What do you know about the Middle East and Suez Canal crisis? Also explain why did England withdraw from Palestine and Suez Canal? Discuss. (20)
  2. No. 7. What do you know about the League of Nations? Explain the work of the league. What were the causes of the failure of the League of Nations? (20)
  3. No. 8. What were the causes of Falkland War? In what way it has affected the Britain's relationship between Latin American countries? (20)