CSS British History 2019



  1. No. 2. What was so glorious about the Glorious Revolution? Discuss its significance in the British History. (20)
  2. No. 3. What was the political and constitutional significance of the Hanorerian succession in England? (20)
  3. No. 4. Explain the factors that led to the Industrial Revolution and discuss how did it affect the social, political, economic and cultural life of the English people? (20)
  4. No. 5. The Reform Act of 1832 made possible the series of political and administrative reforms that laid the foundation of modern Britain. Discuss. (20)


  1. No. 6. How successfully did the Labour government of 1945-51 tackle the economic and social problems of Post-World War II in Britain? (20)
  2. No. 7. What were the motives behind the Britain's move to decolonisation after 1945? Also explain why and how did the British leave India in 1947? (20)
  3. No. 8. Explain why John Major and the Conservatives won the general election of 1992 but lost the election of 1997? (20)