CSS British History 2018



  1.  What did lead to the occurrence of Ultra-degree of mega development towards the close of 17th century A.D. in Britain known as "Glorious Revolution"? (20)
  2.  "The 18th century A.D. witnessed the Emergence, Rise and Growth of the two Movements (Agrarian and Industrial) which revolutionized the lives of the English people in particular and later on, of the world in general." Comment on the statement. (20)
  3. Shed ample light on the Interior as well as Exterior policy of Sir Robert Peel as British Premier with particular emphasis on Irish issue. (20)
  4.  What measures were taken for the Democratization of British Parliament round the decades? (20)


  1.  How Britain put a halt to "The policy of Splendid Isolation"? What were its positive and negative aspects? (20)
  2.  Why it is believed by certain circles that after Decolonisation, Britain has been subservient to US-Line of Action during Cold War and thereafter down to 9/11 and subsequent years? Do you agree or not? Argue. (20)
  3.  Write short Notes on any TWO of the following: (10 each)

(a) Sir Winston Churchil (b) Britain's role in EU (c) Lady Diana (20)