CSS British History 2012


Q.2. Analyze the Political and Constitutional significance of the Hanoverian succession on the course of British History. (20)

Q.3. “Never was a king stronger than James-II when he ascended the throne. But he lost the throne in record time largely because of his omissions and commissions”. In view of this statement analyses the causes and results of Glorious Revolution. (20)

Q.4. Critically examine how George-III established his personal rule and why it failed? (20)

Q.5. What measures were taken by England to check the French Revolution for its spread in Europe? Analyze. (20)

Q.6. The growth of political parties in England during the 18th Century strengthened the Cabinet system of Government. Comment and Analyze. (20)

Q.7. What were the various causes of the British failure in the American War of Independence? (20)

Q.8. Write comprehensive notes on any TWO of the following: (10x2=20)

(a) Causes and Results of Seven years’ war

(b) Edmond Burke

(c) Pitt the younger

(d) Foreign Policy of Castlereagh