CSS British History 2008



Q.1. Select the best option/answer and fill in the appropriate box on the Answer Sheet. (20)

(i) WILLIUM-III and MARY ascended to the throne in:

 (a) February, 1688

 (b) February, 1788

 (c) February, 1889

 (d) None of these

(ii) The Book, “England under the Stuarts” has been written by:

(a) G.N. CLARK



(d) None of these

(iii) The United Kingdom of Great Britain came into existence on:

(a) 1st March, 1707

(b) 1st May, 1707

(c) 1st September, 1707

(d) None of these

(iv) Georg-I remained on the throne from:

(a) 1714 – 27

(b) 1727 – 60

(c) 1760 – 83

(d) None of these

(v) The seven years’ war, 1756 – 63 was fought in:

(a) Europe, Africa & Far East

(b) North America, Australia & Europe

(c) Europe, North America & India

(d) None of these

(vi) The Book, “Constitutional History of Modern Britain” has been written by:

(a) Winston Churchill

(b) Staneley Lanepoole

(c) V.A. Smith

(d) None of these

(vii) The founder of the theory of ‘English Conservatism” was:

(a) Edmund Burke

(b) Robert Walpole

(c) Pitt, the Younger

(d) None of these

(viii) The book, “England and French Revolution” was written by:

(a) Dickens

(b) Keats

(c) Brown

(d) None of these

(ix) In 1800, England’s union took place with:

(a) Scotland

(b) Ireland

(c) Wales

(d) None of these

(x) The supreme organizer of the Methodist Movement was:

(a) John Wesley

(b) Pitt, the Elder

(c) Napoleon Bonaparte

(d) None of these

(xi) Sir Robert Western produced the Book, titled:

(a) Discourse on Revolution

(b) Discourse on War

(c) Discourse on Husbandry

(d) None of these

(xii) “The Power Loome” was invented by:

(a) Edmund Cartwright

(b) John Kay

(c) George Stephenson

(d) None of these

(xiii) George-IV married Queen:

(a) Victoria

(b) Anne

(c) Caroline

(d) None of these

(xiv) Who has been called as “The Sailor King”?

(a) George-II

(b) George-III

(c) George-IV

(d) None of these

(xv) Queen Victoria was the daughter of:

(a) Duke of Aquitaine

(b) Duke of Kent

(c) Duke of Salisbury

(d) None of these

(xvi) The number of children of Queen Victoria was:

(a) 5

(b) 7

(c) 9

(d) None of these

(xvii) Crimean War took place from:

(a) 1837 – 42

(b) 1844 – 50

(c) 1855 – 60

(d) None of these

(xviii) Durham Report came in:

(a) 1830

(b) 1837

(c) 1844

(d) None of these

(xix) Charles Kingsley is the best known clerical writer on:

(a) French Revolution

(b) Industrial Revolution

(c) Glorius Revolution

(d) None of these

(xx) Oscar Wilde was a:

(a) General

(b) Historian

(c) Poet

(d) None of these


Q.2. The GLORIOUS REVOLUTION of 1688 ushered in a new era of change, liberty and participation of the people in the decision-making process, a view held by the historians. Make a critical evaluation of it. (20)

Q.3. What were the effects of the French Revolution on the Life and Thought of 18th century England? (20)

Q.4. How the AMERICAN WAR OF INDEPENDENCE affect the British Colonial System and to what extent it was responsible for the DE-COLONIZATION process? (20)

Q.5. What were the Positive and Negative Dimensions of the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION? What is your personal view that whether it was boon or bane for the common man? (20)

Q.6. Produce an analytical essay on the Eastern Question and what was the British Policy towards it? (20)

Q.7. What do you know about the ANGLO-FRENCH WAR, 1793 – 1815 and its AFTER-EFFECTS? (20)

Q.8. Write analytically about the Policy and Personality of Queen VICTORIA? (20)