CSS British History 2006


Q.2. Produce and Analytical Essay on the four Tenures of office of Gladstone, with particular reference to His reforms and Foreign Policy. (20)

Q.3. How was scramble for Africa carried out by the various Imperialist Powers especially Britain and what was its climax? (20)

Q.4. Trace back the background, genesis, evolution and culmination of FABIANISM and GUILD SOCIALISM. (20)

Q.5. Bring out the Debit Side and Credit Side of the Entente Cordiale between England and France in early 20th century. (20)

Q.6. Highlight the pivotal Role of Britain in the Inter-Wars Period. (20)

Q.7. Who floated the idea of “European Common Market”? How did it see the daylight and what was its after-math? (20)

Q.8. Shed light on the British involvement in the war on Terror after Nine Eleven. What is your personal view whether positive or negative role has been played by Britain? Support your point with watertight arguments. (20)