Week 28 August 23, 2020

Rana Tayyab

Rohan Garde 3 Kamonki

Iqra Hajveri Gulberg Lahore

Rabia Grade 2 The Oxford School Kamonki

Ch Musa Class 5 The Royal School of Science Hassilpur

Ansa Murawat The Institute of Management Sciences Lahore

Syed Umar Grade 3 Public Pilot High School Gujranwala

Hashaam Ghulam Hussain Grade 5 Unique High School Gujranwala

Haziq Rashid Grade 6 The Educator School Gujranwala

8 thoughts on “Week 28 August 23, 2020”

  1. Efforts of all are good, but Iqra’s work is giving an eye catching look. Rana Tayyab also done exceptional work. please mention grads of all students for fair comparison.

  2. Well done Usman, your site is most interesting day by day. Almost 7 Weeks have completed of drawing section. Best of luck

  3. آپکا فیس بک پیج بہت اچھا کام کر رہا ہے۔
    Attractive work of your website.

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