26 thoughts on “Week 12 March 16, 2020”

  1. Miss Amira and Nazia you are painters of our school (THE EDUCATOR SCHOOL WAPDA TOWN GRW) and whole staff and students are feeling pride due to your today’s art work in this 50Sea site. Now motivate students to enhance art work and will send 50Sea and will show their talent here…..

  2. This is very good idea to have a plateform for kids. They can share their work which is very healthy activity. Their must b some more corners for kids

  3. 50sea ki all tabs achi hen but kid section is not good ,worksheets are not efficient. Upload standard worksheets for kids

    1. Dear Nazia Thanks for suggestions but we do very work-hard for our viewers and prepare related high level educational worksheets for kids to improve deficiency in basics

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