CSS Pakistan Affairs 2015

Q.1. “Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was in no way pro-British”. Agree or disagree, answer your question with arguments. (20)

Q.2. “It was over-reaction of Hindus to the partition of the Bengal in 1905 that widened the gulf between Muslims and Hindus”. Comment. (20)

Q.3. “Khilafat Movement was an emotional movement”. Discuss. (20)

Q.4. “Separation of East Pakistan, though a tragic part of History of Pakistan, was not the negation of two nation theory”. Comment. (20)

Q.5. Briefly discuss the main features of cultural heritage of Pakistan. (20)

Q.6. Was Islamization during Zia era a need of Pakistan or was it a political propaganda? (20)

Q.7. Critically evaluate the role of Pakistan in “The War on Terror”. (20)