CSS Pakistan Affairs 2012

1. Discuss critically the role of Silsilah (Orders) in the development and progress of Muslim society in the Sub-Continent of Indo-Pakistan. 20

2. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan believed in “Trinity of ideas” i.e. loyalty, devotion and aloofness”. Discuss it in perspective of his reformation movement. 20

3. Before passing of Lahore Resolution (Pakistan Resolution) the division of Indian Sub-Continent was advocated by various thinkers, intellectuals and reformers. Discuss. 20

4. The “Objective Resolution” (1949) satisfied both orthodox and modernists by combining the features of Western and Islamic democracy. Discuss critically. 20

5. What is bureaucracy and what are its characteristics? How did it play its role in strengthening and integration of Pakistan? 20

6. What are the security concerns of Pakistan? Suggest measures by revisiting the foreign policy of Pakistan. 20

7. The location of Pakistan has given the strategic strength to the State. What are its physical features and narrate its advantages and dis-advantages. 20