CSS Current Affairs 2000

Q1. What are the strategic objectives of America’s increased embroilment in South Asia‘s power relationship?

Q2. Assess the growing impact of information technology on Pakistan’s socio-economic and educational complexion.

Q3. Governance through ordinances has been the hallmark of all regimes, democratic or otherwise, in Pakistan. In this context briefly review Pakistan’s political, constitutional and judicial landmarks.

Q4. Discuss politics of World Trade Organization and Globalization.

Q5. The linguistic burden of English, Arabic, Urdu and the mother tongue on learning is a serious issue requiring serious treatment. Analyze.

Q6. Discuss how Pakistan is affected by political and economic stakes and nuclear

concern of Japan in South Asia?

Q7. Longer period of political stability is the requirement to institutionalize reformist

polices whereas the same has not been available in Pakistan. Assess the prospects of

recent multiple reforms in the context of this statement.

Q8. Write notes on TWO of the followings:

(a) Issue of control over Al Quds.

(b) China’s potential as super power.

(c) Ramification of Taliban’s style governance.

(d) IMF’s objectives in funding Pakistan.