CSS Zoology 2015



Q.2. (a) Describe the importance of insects to mankind. (10 each) (20)

(b) Explain acoelomate, pseudocoelomate and coelomate conditions in animals.

Q.3. Write a detailed essay on Metazoa. (20)

Q.4. What is polymorphism? Compare a poly p of Obelia with medusa of Obelia. (20)

Q.5. Earthworms are friends of farmers! How? Discuss in detail. (20)


Q.6. (a) Describe different types of cartilage found in vertebrates. (10 each) (20)

(b) What are different views regarding sense organs in mammals.

Q.7. (a) What is a placenta? Give an account of placentation in mammals. (10 each)

(b) Explain the physiology of muscle contraction and relaxation.

Q.8. What is excretion? Give an account of various types of excretory products in animals. (20)