CSS Economics 2011

Q.2. (a) Define Economic Development and state that how this definition has changed over time? (15)

(b) In the light of (a) above, how the scope of Development Economics has changed? (05)

Q.3. (a) Explain why trade is considered as “engine of growth”? (10)

(b) Did liberalization lead to improve our exports? Explain with the help of Pakistan’s competitiveness (say Revealed comparative advantage) . (10)

Q.4. (a) Evaluate and point out major sources of agricultural growth in Pakistan? (10)

(b) What happened to these variables of growth over the time? (You must provide empirical evidence for your arguments). (10)

Q.5. (a) Discuss major sources of industrial growth in Pakistan. (10)

(b) Point out major obstacles in its growth. (10)

Q.6. (a) Discuss the role of foreign debt and its implications. (10)

(b) How can we get out of debt trap? (10)

Q.7. (a) Point out three major approaches to measure poverty and analyze poverty problem in Pakistan, with respect to the best approach you have described? (15)

(b) Describe A. K. Sin’s contribution to measure Poverty. (05)

Q.8. (a) Briefly discuss major components of recent fiscal policy being followed in Pakistan. (10)

(b) Analyze its contribution to improve the economy. (10)