CSS Business Administration 2012



Q.2. What is leadership? List and explain different types of leaders. Discuss any one theory of leadership. (6+7+7=20)

Q.3. Why motivation is considered necessary in today’s organizations to increase efficiency of the employees? Briefly describe any one theory of motivation. (10+10=20)

Q.4. Describe major functions of Management. Discuss its significance for modern business organizations. (10=10=20)


Q.5. Briefly describe main features of marketing environment. (20)

Q.6. What is “Marketing Mix”? Discuss the role of marketing mix in the marketing process for increasing sales volumes. (8+12=20)

Q.7. Describe main features of marketing role in the society. Discuss its impact on human life (10+10=20)


Q.8. Describe main features of financial management. Discuss role of Finance Manager in any organization. (10+10=20)

Q.9. Do adjusting entries affect Income Statement Accounts, Balance Sheet Accounts, or both? Discuss. (20)

Q.10. How the Financial Statements are analyzed and interpreted through ratio analysis. (20)