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International Journal of Innovations in Science & Technology (IJIST) is a peer-reviewed and quarterly published research journal which is designed to make discoverable the recent advancements in technology to the researcher globally. Many experts belonging to various International Universities have joined the editorial board of IJIST and are serving within their domains. I am thankful to all the board members who have joined from Canada, Bulgaria, Portugal, Turkey, Austria, Netherland and Brazil for their interest, support and selection of the emerging platform of IJIST. 

I, along with my team, believe in true researches which are based on such results that follow the laws of nature.  We aim at ensuring transparency and we are strictly against any type of plagiarism. The forum of IJIST is established for readers to keep them in touch with latest technologies and natural phenomena. Ture researcher having latest ideas and creative writing skills are welcome to express their expertise at this vigilant place. We try to filter out most accurate information to get published in IJIST which is reviewed by two experts of the same field.

First article published in this issue is related to Preparation of Marketable Functional Food to Control Hypertension using Basil (ocimum basillium) and Peppermint (mentha piperita). This is quiet interesting article which includes the complete methodology from extraction of raw material to the final preparation. Second article is related to the Urban Heat Island effect which attracts the reader’s attention to the fact that “Our cities are sprawling by population and getting warmer day by day”. It is a complete methodology to estimate the rates and trends of urban sprawl in comparison to urban heat effect due to anthropogenic activities. Third article is related to the formation of bad Ozone in Troposphere due to atmospheric reactions of various pollutants with atmospheric gasses.

Finally, I am pleased to share a news that we have successfully register the 50Sea with Crossref and we are “Corssref Member” now. Furthermore, our all the article will be crossreffed. This initiative is taken to ensure the quality and to enhance the visibility of our articles globally.


Prof. Dr. S Amer Mahmood

(Senior Editor)