Week 20 May 10, 2020

24 thoughts on “Week 20 May 10, 2020”

  1. I love my mother, may she live long with countless pleasures in her life.wish her a healthy n prosperous life.

  2. “‘ Haziq Rana Gujranwala “” has unique message to her mother. ALL cards and wishes very beautiful

  3. “Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. It’s more than we can ever repay you!”

  4. Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for always being the shining example of what I wanted to be like when I grew up

  5. NICE WORK 50Sea.com for beautiful day.Happy Mother’s Day to a woman who truly does it all! I love you so much! Thank you for everything you do for us.

  6. DEAR MY MOM ( RAKHSHANDA BANO) LOVE YOU. People come and go but you’re always there through my highs and lows. You’re the best mom one could have. Happy Mother’s Day.

  7. well done 50Sea
    Agar Ho Goad Maa Ki To Farishty Kuch Nahi Likhty..

    Jo Mamta Rooth Jaye To Kinary Phir Nahi Dikhty..

    Yatimi Sath Lati Hai Zamany Bhar K Dukh AABII..

    Suna Hai Baap Zinda Ho To Kanty Bhi Nahi Chubhty..!
    Ya Allah Mere Waldain Ko Salamat Rakhna..

  8. 50SEA sary images dheik kr apni mother yad aa gi. please ap sb meri mother wasty dua kro.
    Jin Ki Maayn Zinda Hen, Allah Un Ki Umar Lambi Kary,

    Jin Ki Maayn Bimar Hen, Allah Unhen Sehat-o-Tandrusti Ata Kary,

    Aur Jin Ki Maayn Foat Ho Chuki Hen, Allah Unhen Jannat Me Jaga Ata Fermaye.


  9. There is Nothing Greater Than Parents in This World..
    So Go & Get Married Fast, And Become Parents.. 😀
    Think Different..


  10. Jo Hasti Aap K Samny Aapko Jali Kati Sunaaye,

    Aur Aapki Ghair Mojudgi Me Aapka Difaa Kary,

    Usay “MAA” Kehty Hen……


  11. Very Good cards and wishes to her mothers 👍👍🤰🤱🤱❣️ well done team 50Sea. Happy mother’s day

  12. کاش آج میری ماں زندہ ہوتی اللّٰہ انکو قبر میں سکون دے۔ سب کی ماؤں کو اللّٰہ سلامت رکھے۔ آمین

  13. very beautiful cards.
    Maa sy piyra rishta koi nai hota is dunyia me..Jo hum py apni jaan sy bhi ziada pyar karti hai.Or Maa ka nimal ul badal koi rishta nai hota..Jo Puri puri raat jaag kar guzar deti hai hamari fikar me..I love my Mom

  14. MAA Ki Qadar Kro Keyu K Ya Allah
    Ka Insan K leay Anmol Tohfah Hai
    Or Zindagi Mein Sirf Aik Hi Bar Milti Ha.
    Happy Mother’s Day

  15. my babies Talal and zainab Afzal give very good and beautiful cards to her mother on mothers day. Keep it up

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